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Protect Your Business
from Cyber Threats

We provide top-tier cyber security services for small and mid-size businesses at affordable costs.

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 illustration of small and mid size businesses affected by cyber threats

More than 43% of cyber attacks specifically target small businesses

Small businesses are easy targets for cyber attacks. Lack on resources, knowledge and equipment makes your business vulnerable to frequent cyber attacks and threats. Only 14% of small businesses are equipped to deal with such crises.

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Top-Tier Cyber Security Services Designed for SMEs

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Personalized Solutions

We analyze your business needs and recommend unique cyber solutions.

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Cost Savings

Our Security Solutions make top tier cyber security affordable for small and mid size enterprises.

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Peace of Mind

24/7 threat detection and response makes your life easier so that you can focus on business growth.

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ThiefDroppers Solution

For Small & Mid-sized Businesses

End Point Management

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End Point Management

Daily Health Checks
Patch Management
Weekly Reports

Network Security

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network security  icon thief droppers

Network Security

Secured Firewall
Managed Firewall for End Points
Network Traffic Flow Monitor
Network Intrusion Detection System
Network Behaviour Analysis & Anomaly Detection
Aggressive IP & Geo IP

End-Point Detection & Response

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end point detection and response  icon thief droppers

End-Point Detection & Response

Advanced EDR
Ransomware Protection + Rollback
Host-based intrusion detection systems
Regulatory Compliance

Application Detection and Response

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Application Detection and Response

Web Application Firewall
Application Protocol-based IDS
DDOS Mitigation

Performance Management

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performance management icon thief droppers

Performance Management

System Performance Management
Application Performance Management
Database Performance Management
Web Performance Management

Log-File Management

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log file management  icon thief droppers

Log-File Management

Server & System
Network & IP Devices
Application & Database
Alerting & Retention

Decoys & Traps

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decoys and traps icon thief droppers

Decoys & Traps

Network & system Decoys
Application & Database Decoys
Email, RDP & SSH Decoys
Mobile & Endpoint Decoys

Email Analyzer

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email analyzer icon thief droppers

Email Analyzer

DMARC Analyzer
DKIM Analyzer
SPF Analyzer
Email Trap

Browser and DNS Filtering

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browser and dns filtering icon thief droppers

Browser and DNS Filtering

Up-to-Date Threat Intelligence
Protection Against Spyware, Malware, Adware, Phishing, Malicious Content, Drive-by Downloads
Block Explicit Content
Personal Leaked Data Monitor Breaches
Website Credibility Score
Website Vulnerability Stats

Next-Gen Vulnerability Scanner

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next gen vulnerability icon thief droppers

Next-Gen Vulnerability Scanner

DNS Vulnerability Scanner, Phishing Domain Scanner, Domain & Sub Domain
Vulnerability Scanner, WHOIS Registrant, WAF & CDN Scanner, SSL Scanner & Grading, Technology Vulnerability Scanner, Content vulnerability Scanner, Network Vulnerability Scanner Server / End-point Scanner, Application & Database Scanner, CMS Vulnerability Scanner

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