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Enhancing Security for Pristine Printing - A Pioneering Commercial Printing Organization

Pristine Printing, a premier commercial printing company in Etobicoke, faced email security challenges, swiftly addressed by partnering with ThiefDroppers

Case Study


Pristine Printing, renowned as one of the oldest and foremost printing companies in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada with a rich history and a diversified portfolio in the commercial printing space, encountered critical challenges in managing their email security. Despite their expertise in printing, they faced difficulties due to the technical nuances of IT and cybersecurity.


Pristine Printing approached ThiefDroppers with concerns about an overwhelming influx of spam emails and problems with email deliverability. Utilizing an on-premises Exchange server, they suspected issues related to DMARC. ThiefDroppers’ preliminary investigation suggested a potential compromise of their email system.


ThiefDroppers' response was swift and strategic, focusing on both immediate and long-term solutions:

  1. Proactive System Assessment: Conducted an in-depth investigation, revealing that the email server was on the verge of being compromised with threat actors trying to scan frequently and gain access to their systems.
  2. DMARC Implementation: Set up DMARC protocols to prevent email spoofing and improve email deliverability.
  3. ThiefDroppers Email Security Services: Implemented advanced email security measures to mitigate spam and phishing risks.
  4. Comprehensive Cybersecurity Measures: Addressed broader cybersecurity concerns, enhancing Pristine Printing’s overall digital security posture.
  5. Guidance and Support: Educated the Pristine Printing team on cybersecurity best practices, empowering them with the knowledge to maintain a secure digital environment.


The partnership with ThiefDroppers yielded significant improvements for Pristine Printing:

  • Robust Email Security: A notable reduction in spam emails, leading to more efficient communication channels.
  • Improved System Integrity: With DMARC and other security measures, the risk of email system compromise was significantly mitigated.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Awareness: The team at Pristine Printing became more knowledgeable and proactive in managing their digital security.
  • Extended Security Services: Impressed by the immediate benefits, Pristine Printing extended their engagement with ThiefDroppers to include ongoing Risk Management Services, EDR as a Service, and Email Security Service.


This case study underscores the importance of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for businesses, regardless of their primary industry. For Pristine Printing, a leader in Toronto's commercial printing space, partnering with ThiefDroppers not only resolved their immediate email security challenges but also fortified their overall cybersecurity framework, ensuring they remain as secure and reliable in the digital world as they are in printing.

Services Provided to Pristine Printing:

  • Risk Management Services (RMS): To identify, assess, and prioritize potential risks.
  • End-Point Detection & Response (EDR) as a Service: Providing continuous monitoring and response to threats at endpoint level.
  • Email Security Service: Advanced protection against email-based threats, including spam and phishing attacks.
  • Regular Cybersecurity Consultations: Ongoing support and advice to keep Pristine Printing abreast of best cybersecurity practices.
  • Employee Training and Awareness Programs: Educating the team on cybersecurity awareness and safe digital practices.

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