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Sultan Travels' Journey to PCI-DSS Compliance with ThiefDroppers

Sultan Travels, a leading travel agency partnered with major airlines, sought ThiefDroppers' expertise to navigate PCI-DSS compliance, resulting in stress-free audits and enhanced security posture, allowing focus on core business activities.

Case Study


Sultan Travels, a renowned travel booking and ticketing agency, and esteemed partner of airlines like Air Canada and Turkish Airlines, faced a significant challenge. The agency was required to undergo a PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Audit. With its expertise in travel services, Sultan Travels needed specialized assistance to navigate the complexities of PCI-DSS compliance.

The Challenge

PCI-DSS compliance was crucial for Sultan Travels to continue its operations seamlessly, especially given its partnerships with major airlines. The requirement was not just about passing an audit but ensuring ongoing compliance with stringent standards, a task the agency was not equipped to handle internally.

The Solution

ThiefDroppers was contracted to guide Sultan Travels through the PCI-DSS compliance process. Recognizing the unique challenge of collating compliance-related information from a team of travel agents, ThiefDroppers employed a strategic approach:

  1. Comprehensive Gap Analysis: Utilizing ThiefDroppers RMS and cGRC services, a thorough gap analysis was conducted to identify areas lacking compliance.
  1. Implementation of PCI-DSS Compliance Requirements: Addressed and implemented the missing elements of PCI-DSS compliance.
  1. Customized GRC Plan for Travel Agencies: Curated a specialized Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) plan that blended PCI-DSS and ISO standards, tailored specifically for travel agencies like Sultan Travels.

Services Provided

  • ThiefDroppers RMS as a Service: Regular risk management and assessment to maintain compliance.
  • ThiefDroppers cGRC as a Service: Continuous governance, risk, and compliance monitoring tailored to the travel industry's needs.
  • ThiefDroppers EDR as a Service: Ensuring endpoint security to protect against cyber threats.

The Impact

  • Stress-Free Compliance: Sultan Travels can now confidently face annual compliance audits without stress, thanks to ongoing checks and balances.
  • Enhanced Security Posture: Implementation of EDR as a Service strengthened Sultan Travels’ defenses against cyber threats.
  • Focus on Core Business: With compliance and security handled by ThiefDroppers, Sultan Travels could concentrate on providing top-notch travel services.


The partnership with ThiefDroppers transformed Sultan Travels’ approach to compliance and cybersecurity. By addressing the specific needs of a travel agency and ensuring continuous compliance with PCI-DSS and ISO standards, ThiefDroppers not only helped Sultan Travels pass their PCI-DSS audit but also established a robust framework for ongoing compliance and security. This case study demonstrates the value of specialized cybersecurity and compliance services in empowering businesses to focus on their core competencies while meeting essential regulatory requirements.

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